Kind words

Just some of the many amazing feedback we receive at Avondale Christian Kindergarten!


Lydia has definitely made lots of friends at kindy! I think kindy has helped her to not be shy at all :). Lydia has also learned a lot about numeracy at kindy - she surprises me sometimes with what she knows!



I love this kindy and dedication, patience and nuturing shown from all the teachers is amazing!



Yasmin has become more confident with people and conversation. She is able to go the who way across the monkey bars with out help (she is very proud of this!).



Charlie went from observing to participating in kindy activities. He now wears a hat outside in the sun. He is more confident and interactive in big groups. He has learnt to look to other adults for guidance and support.



You have made us feel welcome and part of the kindergarten family. We have built some wonderful relationships in the time Jasmin has been here. A big thanks to all the teachers, staff and families.

Jasmin is alot more confident to try new things. She has learnt and is still learning to trust people. She is alot more open and communicative with adults and children.

Honestly, I feel you do a great job! You have helped my girls grow up to be confident little people. Big props to you all.



We love how you have shown love to Abby while she has been at kindy. Thank you for encouraging Abby in her social skills, especially with playing with friends and finding out their names. I really haven't taught her much handwriting, so those skills have definitely come from you :). She has also grown in her creativity - we are amazed by what she now comes up with! I think you have done really well with helping her achieve the goal of making friends.


The interest and investment you put into the families of the children that attend your kindy is wonderful. I think how you want to help and apply the help is amazing (questionnaires/classes/breakfasts...) You have looked after, taught and invested into Rachel's life with love, prayer, top class teaching and fun. you all are the best!

Rachel's confidence has grown so so so much. I love how she wants to teach others, talk to everyone, start conversations, be involved in conversations and group settings. Her knowledge in writing, reading, counting .. has grown and we're proud of how smart she is.