An individual plan for each child

All children are unique and develop at different rates, with the own God-given gifts and interests. As a team, together with parents, we make an individual plan for each child’s learning, based on their interests. Into this plan we incorporate the learning that we value here at Avondale Christian Kindergarten.

Learning that we value

  • Discovering who we are in Christ
  • Developing social skills
  • Learning self-help skills
  • Learning ‘other mindedness’, being kind and considerate of others and the environment
  • Developing our imagination and creativity
  • Becoming increasingly independent
  • Becoming excited and confident learners
  • Developing a sense of wonder and curiosity about God’s world
  • Becoming physically self-confident
  • Developing perseverance and problem solving
  • Developing numeracy and literacy skills
  • Knowing that I am valued at kindergarten
  • Developing communication skills
  • Taking responsibility for our own learning and behaviour
  • Developing a sense of tuakana teina (being both the learner and the teacher)
  • Developing dispositions for lifelong learning power (eg. self control, courage, gentleness, persisting, taking responsibility & curiosity)

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