Centre Vision

Our ideal ‘graduate’ will look like: Someone who has emotional stability and sees themselves as a capable and competent learner, secure in who God has made them to be. They will have a love for learning, instilled through a sense of curiosity and wonder of the world around them.

Welcome to Avondale Christian Kindergarten where we believe that every tamaiti / child is a gift created by God in His image, and designed for a spiritual relationship with Him.  We aspire to encourage and support tamariki / children to be secure in the knowledge of who God has made them to be. We aim to teach and nurture tamariki within a stimulating, safe, caring environment where the early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki is underpinned by our Christian values and beliefs.

We recognise that tamariki cognitive, social, cultural, physical, dispositional*, emotional and spiritual development is holistically woven together witheir spiritual development at the core. Our planned programme provides opportunities for tamariki to develop in all these areas, both individually and as a group.

Tamariki and kaiako /teachers are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour and to be thoughtful and considerate of others and the environment, as being precious to God.

We believe in actively listening to the many voices and perspectives of tamariki, acknowledging their God-given strengths. In doing so we seek to support the development of knowledge, skills and dispositions that will empower them for life’s journey. We aspire to instill in each tamaiti a love for learning and a sense of wonder and curiosity for God’s world around them.

We value the differing cultural backgrounds and values that whānau / families bring and celebrate the diversity and richness that this contributes to our kindergarten. Partnership with parents and whānau is fostered as we strive to build strong links between home and kindergarten, to further develop tamariki ongoing learning pathways.

We are committed to the bicultural heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand and all tamariki will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of Te reo Māori (Māori language) and tikanga Māori (Māori cultrue) through a biblical lens.

*Dispositions are positive thinking habits that make us ready, willing and able to learn

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